Keira Knightley distracts from pregnant wife

Константин Хабенский отвлекает внимание от беременной жены
At the premiere of the film with the participation of Olga Litvinova chose to remain in the shadows.

Константин Хабенский отвлекает внимание от беременной жены

Konstantin Khabensky

Photo: Yuri Feklistov

Olga Litvinova

Photo: Instagram

In the capital cinema “October”, where the premiere of the film-catastrophe “Crew”, it was so crowded that the audience could easily get lost pregnant wife of Konstantin Khabensky — Olga Litvinova. The capital of the Moscow art theatre actress played in the movie passenger aircraft, which the characters of Vladimir Mashkov and Danila Kozlovsky rescued from the island in the Pacific ocean, when there was an eruption.

In the cinema, through the VIP lounge, the couple were together, but then began deceptive maneuvers. Khabensky went on an impromptu stellar track and has attracted widespread attention — and at the same moment behind the backs of the photographers his wife went to the auditorium. Olga, by the way, did not get up on stage during the presentation of the film, even though we invited everyone who came to the premiere members of the crew.

Replenishment in star family is expected by the summer. Until recently, Litvinov appeared on the stage of Moscow art theater, but now in two performances with its participation has already been replaced. That Khabensky wife is pregnant, became known at the premiere of the film “election Day-2”. Olga hid her still small tummy under the dress of free breed. By the way, the couple then also avoided public appearances together.

For 44-year-old actor is the second child. His firstborn, son of Ivan, was born in September 2007, the first marriage Khabensky. Soon, however, Konstantin’s wife Anastasia died of a serious illness. Again to start a family, the actor has decided only last year.

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