Кира Найтли облысела и носит парик последние пять лет

Constant styling and repaints the hair for filming brought hair Kira to exhaustion.

It seems that the stars absolutely no problems! Millions in royalties, it seems, allow them to buy anything and not to get out of beauty salons. But in fact, professional activities stars makes their appearance to incorrigible problems.

The other day keira Knightley admitted that for many years suffer from baldness.

“During his long career in the movies, I dyed my hair in the most unimaginable color and mocked them as they could. My hair was so exhausted that I started to rapidly lose them. And because the last five years, I wear wigs. I think they are saving my real hair. As a child I had thick and curly hair. Now there are hardly a tenth,” said Cyrus in an interview with InStyle.

Now Kira rarely agrees to experiment with his hair for roles, and then, if the heroine Knightley with different colored hair, the actress is buying a wig.

However, judging by the pictures of the stars hard to imagine that she has problems with hair and wig invisible!

I hope that the stylists of the stars will be able to restore the health of the hair. For example, Kim Kardashian once experimented with a white shade of hair, and then decided to resort to wigs to fashion experiments did not spoil the hair.

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