Keira Knightley apologized for something that did not attend the award ceremony

Константин Хабенский извинился за то, что не приехал на вручение премии
The actor, who is filming, recorded a video message.

Konstantin Khabensky

Photo: Legion-media

Held late yesterday evening the ceremony “person of the year” by the magazine GQ brought laurels not only to Sergey Shnurova, but Constantine Habenskogo. He was recognized as the best in the nomination “Actor of year”. However, personally receive the award, the artist could not. Instead, he sent a video message of thanks, written in the… concentration camp.

But the cause for concern among his fans, of course not. Just now Konstantin is busy working in a new project called “the Legend of escape.” The film will tell about the events of the Second world war, and the action itself is tied around the camp Sobibor in Poland. Habenskogo got the role of a Soviet Lieutenant who managed to organize a revolt and mass escape of prisoners. Incidentally, the image of the main villain in the new film will bring to life Hollywood actor Christopher Lambert.

Not so long ago in the life of Constantine was an important event associated with the family. The actor in June became the father of a wonderful little girl Sasha, who was born to his wife Olga Litvinova. In early summer, Khabensky took a little break from work to be with my family. However, it soon was forced to return to the tight work schedule.