Кира Найтли призналась, что уже пять лет носит парик
One of the most beautiful Actresses of our time going bald.

Кира Найтли призналась, что уже пять лет носит парик

Keira Knightley

Photo: Fotodom.ru

During a recent interview with the 31-year-old actress admitted that she has problems
hair. And so serious that for five years keira Knightley is compelled to use wigs.

it began with the fact that in the early stages of his career, the actress treated hair
extremely lightly. The role she got the most different, so she repainted
almost continuously in the blonde then the redhead, then at the burning brunette. The result
turned out to be very disappointing. Kira’s hair started to fall out intact strands, she was afraid she would go bald. Since then zareklas to paint, even for the most desirable roles. But serious damage to the hair was done.

Keira Knightley with her husband James Ryton and daughter Edie

Photo: Splash News/East news

However, Kira does not give up.
She told me that, oddly enough, after the birth last year to her daughter, Edie, in the body, it was probably a hormonal shift, and the situation started to improve: the hair to get thicker. As recognized actress, and has improved the condition of her skin.

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