Так держать, Виктор Михайлович! My father-in-law, who 13 APR celebrates birthday, is an amazing person . Viktor Shkulev not only the head and driving force behind the biggest Publishing house, doctor of legal Sciences, Creator of the popular Internet resources, but also a journalist, in General, knows about the media everything.

Another area in which Victor M. dock, is hockey: the President of the club “Yunost 75” and strongly cares about his Amateur team, by the way, one of the strongest in Moscow. Sometimes my father in law himself is on the ice, and even then opponents no mercy!

Zabaikalsky international film festival, which at the end of may in the seventh, starts in Chita, also the brainchild of Victor Mikhailovich. He was born in those places and that year led the Transbaikal fraternity.

My father in law is also a real philanthropist. His VS Unio gallery supports young artists. And today there presented the first charity project and solo exhibition “Kate Borodulina” (this talented girl with a difficult medical diagnosis can only draw it lying down, but in her works, only the colorful palette). And I’m with Kate and my son, who is like a grandfather, congratulations, Viktor Mikhailovich.

Keep it up!