Киану Ривз сыграет нейробиолога-вокресителя в «Репродукции»

Keanu Reeves has established himself as a great professional who understands the sci-Fi theme, when she starred in the franchise called “the Matrix”. Now Keanu again have to demonstrate some knowledge in this area, since he agreed to shoot the film “Reproduction.

Reeves will play a neuroscientist who is trying to get my family back from where no one has ever returned. The fact that the family of the man killed in a car accident, but to accept the fact of loss specialist still fails.

The names of colleagues Keanu in the film were not disclosed. Unknown and the date of the premiere of Thriller.

Note that the theme of loss of loved painfully close to Keanu.

Despite the fact that the actor has never been married, what love for him to learn was a success. Keanu was planning to start a family with his beloved Jennifer Syme. To start, the couple decided not to institutionalize the relationship, and birth of the child. But those plans went awry. In 1999, the couple gave birth to a dead girl, which pair gave the name Ava Archer Syme-Reeves. Two years later, Keanu lost and beloved — 2001, Syme died in a car accident.

I venture to suggest that shooting the film almost follows the actor’s life story, will give him a very hard time.

It should even accept it?…


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