Keanu Reeves showed the world his new first lady

Киану Ривз показал миру свою новую первую леди

Киану Ривз показал миру свою новую первую леди

Keanu Reeves was a bachelor for so long that his fans just held their breath when he came out with a new friend Alexandra Grant. She’s the first woman he asked out on the red carpet. As for me, seems a little weird.

Keanu Reeves has long been one of the most eligible bachelors in Hollywood. But despite his good looks and positive behavior, he didn’t have the second half for almost 20 years. Making it a new hobby Alexandra Grant’s very great event. 55-year-old star of the film “John wick” holding hands with the 46-year-old actress when they posed on the red carpet of the gala concert at the LACMA Art + Film presented by Gucci in Los Angeles on 2 November. Photographers of the event managed to catch a shot when Alexander looked at Keanu incredibly admiring look. All the time the couple spent on the evening, they kept holding hands. It was incredibly cute.

Киану Ривз показал миру свою новую первую леди

People are not only surprised that the bachelor with the experience still got a military girlfriend, surprised even though he asked her on a date that is on the red carpet. Never in his 35-year career in Hollywood, he did not repeat such. The pair actually known each other for quite some time, as Alexander illustrated book Keanu 2011 “Ode to happiness”, which Google described as “a charming reminder not to take yourself too seriously.” The pair also collaborated in 2016 on the book of Shadows. So I guess it all started with friendship.
They both posed together on the red carpet before, but not as a romantic couple. They supported each other at the gala evening of UNAIDS during the show Art Basel 2016 in Basel, Switzerland, 13 June 2016. But there was no embrace as the event LACMA. The professional relationship of the couple continued in 2017, when together they formed the publishing company and went to Paris to promote “Ode to happiness” posing together in bookstores.

In 2018 Alexander spoke about his business partnership with Keanu, saying the magazine Los Angeles: “We really like working with extraordinary zeal. Some people are dreamers who have a lot of ideas, but they would not want to do something. I think we both like to have an idea and bring it to life”.
The last known world girl Brigitte was an aspiring actress Jennifer Syme. She gave birth to their daughter Ava Archer Syme-Reeves. Their relationship was a very sad story, in December 1999, when Jennifer was in her eighth month of pregnancy, a disaster happened and their baby was born dead. After the breakup, they remained friends. However, tragedy struck again, as Jennifer died in a car accident April 2, 2001. She is buried beside her daughter in a cemetery in Westwood, California.

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