Keanu Reeves shocked the residents of St. Petersburg

Киану Ривз шокировал жителей Санкт-Петербурга
Hollywood star isn’t afraid for his life.

The other day going about their business residents
St. Petersburg could not believe my eyes when the man, quietly
riding on the escalator in metro
Hollywood star Keanu Reeves. Of course those who are interested in movies, know that
the actor is currently shooting in Russia, but to imagine that a celebrity such
magnitude will travel in a public transport, but still without protection!

As reported in free from filming
time 52-year-old Keanu does not lie on the couch, and actively
examines local attractions. At the same time, it’s completely okay
that it is constantly people coming in and asking for an autograph. Keanu not shy away
from strangers, and smoothly puts his signature wherever he is asked…

In Russia Reeves come too far not for the first time. This time to participate in
filming the crime Thriller “Siberia”, which was directed by Matthew Ross. In
the film will be about a diamond wholesaler Lucas hill (it plays
Keanu), who arrived in St. Petersburg to sell a rare blue gems
of dubious origin. But when he suddenly disappears, his business partner,
Hill takes a risky decision to go to Siberia to find him. Instead, however, he
start a difficult love story, which doesn’t make it good… To the chagrin of fans of the actor, to see new work by Reeves, viewers will not until next year.