Keanu Reeves has shown his dark side

Киану Ривз показал свою темную сторону
The actor has written a book about his own shadow.

Keanu Reeves


Keanu Reeves pleased and at the same time a little puzzled his fans, having written a highly original book called “Shadows”. In his opus 51-year-old actor engages in reflection about what constitutes shadow: just an impression we leave on different surfaces, shading them from the light or dark side of our nature? But the most curious that this work is generously illustrated computer processed photos of shadows Reeves — from different angles and at different times of the day. The author pictures — photo artist Alexandra Grant.

Incidentally, this is the second collaboration between Reeves and Alexandra. In 2011 was published the first book on which they worked together — “Ode to joy”. Despite the optimistic name, it was a poem about the lack of happiness in life, which sadly is configured, the actor wrote a blank verse. His friends freaked out. that Keanu’s depression. That, however, was far from the truth. His depressed state was not unreasonable. Reeves suffered several tragedies, including the death of his child and death of a friend. Constantly Moody and always somber expression on his face Keanu was so upsetting his fans they even announced the company on “Facebook” called “Cheer up Keanu Reeves!”

However, now, it seems, in the life of an actor finally, a lighter period. After a long break, he again active in films. Only this year, the screens should get as many as five films with his participation. And next is the sequel of the successful blockbuster with his “John Wick”. And Yes, Keanu’s personal life, it seems, is getting better. Anyway, over the last six months, it was repeatedly seen in the company of pretty girls. And his new book about the shadows not depressive, but rather philosophical.

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