Keanu Reeves gets in on the party with champagne in St Petersburg

Киану Ривз оторвался на вечеринке с шампанским в Петербурге “StarHit” learned the details of Hollywood actor stay in the Northern capital. Keanu Reeves is taking part in the new movie. Colleagues who worked with him on the court, noted that the famous artist was incredibly humble man.
Киану Ривз оторвался на вечеринке с шампанским в Петербурге

“The saddest actor” as it is called around the world in late may quietly arrived in the Northern capital for the filming of the movie “Siberia”. 52-year-old Reeves plays the Thriller of a diamond dealer, who flew to Russia to sell fakes. Keanu settled in one of the best hotels of St. Petersburg “Astoria”. He gave the Suite costs about 200 thousand rubles per day. So five days Reeves rose to more than a million rubles. Almost all the time the actor moved around the city, replacing one Kinological after another.

“Early in the morning he had Breakfast at the hotel and later had dinner – shared with “StarHit” on the set of the film. Said that Russian cuisine does he like, tried dumplings, pancakes, jelly. On the set of Keanu eat bananas that are washed down with Coca-Cola. And Smoking American cigarettes is brought”.
Киану Ривз оторвался на вечеринке с шампанским в Петербурге

All who are faced with the actor in the work, noted that he is incredibly modest. It was even amused the entire crew.

“When the problems started with the weather, Reeves easily defused the situation, – says Svetlana Petrova, who played in the episode. – He took upon himself the duties of Valet: when the car was handed back to its original position, with all the charm started to help the driver, waving his arms and explaining, saying, come on.”
Киану Ривз оторвался на вечеринке с шампанским в Петербурге

Goodbye Keanu pulled away the party that gave the organizers of the filming. “She was held in the restaurant in the Haymarket area, – has shared with “StarHit” Dmitri, an employee of the site. – All, including Reeves, drank wine, champagne, eating strawberries, fish specialities”.

Home the actor left with gifts and Souvenirs, on learning that he is studying Russian language, colleagues presented him with Pushkin’s verse novel “Eugene Onegin”, as well as exclusive magnet where Keanu is on the background of the Savior on Blood.