Keanu Reeves began manufacturing motorcycles

Киану Ривз занялся производством мотоциклов

It is known to all that the passion of the Hollywood actor Keanu Reeves are the motorcycles. In the collection of the stars of “the Matrix” there are a few iron horses, which he with great joy demonstrates to others.

Now, the actor will be able to share their passion with others, because ordinary hobby he turned into a profitable business.

Together with his partner Gard Hollinger a 51-year-old star created the Arch Motorcycle company, which will specialize in the Assembly of motorcycles.

Cooperation Keanu Reeves and Gard started 10 years ago by chance in 2006, when the actor gave one of his own motorcycles in the repair centre. United by a love of bikes, in the end they started to first sell motorcycles, and now to go directly to their Assembly.

What will be the cost of the finished product, is not specified. But most likely for the manual work buyers will have to pay tens of thousands of dollars.

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