Киану Ривз и Холли Берри: что их объединяет?

The bouquet of timeless along with Jennifer Lopez and always fresh Bud – Keanu Reeves! The kindest, sweetest and most humble actor in Hollywood 55 years, and he still can give odds to the young! The sparkle in his eyes, a perfect oval face, easy smile and think, no wrinkles!
“I don’t know why. I unload my body and don’t understand what’s going on?” — said in an interview Keanu Reeves.
He loves his profession and devoted training on each role, but not risky stunts, not diet, not osypanie of the night unable to put it.

Киану Ривз и Холли Берри: что их объединяет?
“I know you turned 50, I congratulate you, but it is impossible to believe. I would have never believed that you 50 if we just met!”, — said Jimmy Kimmel on his show when Keanu Reeves was at his home.
But to be afraid of Keanu to nothing, because today he is 55 and he’s still handsome! While eating all what you want: cheese and bread, and meat. The only thing he’s refused is fast food! Therefore, ageless face has only one explanation – the genes! The father of Keanu, the Hawaiian, and they stay young much longer than Europeans or Americans!
But despite the money, fame and fresh appearance Keanu not going for the 20-year-old models! He recently appeared on the red carpet with artist Alexandra Grant. Woman 46 years old, they are so cute together.
Do you know how long this woman in the pose of “crabby” demonstrates the flexibility and the muscles on the back? She is over 50! And this is Hollywood star Halle berry! Small in stature, athletic, with hell in his eyes, it seems nights conjure the elixir of youth! And it’s not that we were wrong!
“Take the bone… Yes, Yes it is those bones that butchers throw out on the market, cook them during the day… and drink the broth! It is a solid collagen, just something unreal!”, shared the secret of beauty actress.

Киану Ривз и Холли Берри: что их объединяет?
But no bones are United, there is another secret, and he’s not that amazing! When she was 23 years old actress was diagnosed with diabetes, since star refused sugar and carbohydrates. And on this diet she is my whole life!
“There is some diet! It’s just no sugar, carbs, add avocado, coconut oil, eggs and your body will start to burn fat, it will just melt!”, — another secret Olin Holly.

Киану Ривз и Холли Берри: что их объединяет?
Halle berry is a mom of two children, the eldest daughter was born when Holly was 42 and gave birth to a son at all in 47 years. But attractive darkie found the secret of how to get in shape in a short time.
“Every mother should breastfeed! This is the fastest way to return to its normal shape and weight! Well, of course, eating right!”, — said Holly.

Lays on the table a plastic surgeon Holly is in no hurry, the actress says she wants to be herself, and even minor cosmetic procedures are changing the face. Meanwhile, skin care treatments, creams, masks, peelings she does on a regular basis! Genes are genes and healthy lifestyle, sports and healthy sleep even as prolong youth! Take note!

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