KDDK and XZIBIT released a fit The track was called Living a lie.

Track , written in English by hip-hop artist and producer KDDK and American rapper XZIBIT, is dedicated to the artists' reflection on a depressive life among lies, crime and hopelessness. The release has the sound of old school hip-hop: the artists' flow – hard and uncompromising – reflects the harsh reality that KDDK and XZIBIT rap about. However, the melodic chorus still leaves a feeling of hope and longing for the light.

You can listen and download Living a lie on all digital platforms.

Together with the release of the track, the artists presented a music video. The animated video was created in the aesthetics of MTV cartoon series and reveals the idea of ​​the track through the story of the characters created in the image of KDDK and XZIBIT. The artists relax on a yacht, where they treat the staff with disdain. But when the ship is wrecked, the waiter comes to the aid of the stars and helps them overcome difficulties on the way to civilization. This experience of brotherhood brings them closer, and the gratitude for the savior is an impressive monetary reward.

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