Kazakhstan Vitas: how Dimash Kudaibergenov conquers the world

Казахстанский «Витас»: как Димаш Кудайбергенов покоряет мир The young artist is breaking all records. The young artist Dimash Kudaibergenov boasts victories in prestigious competitions, impeccable vocal abilities and even gifts from most of Jackie Chan. “StarHit” found out all about the promising singer.

      Казахстанский «Витас»: как Димаш Кудайбергенов покоряет мир

      22-year-old Dimash Kudaibergenov – one of the most popular young singers of Kazakhstan. His career is rapidly going up. At the moment, a promising artist wins international stage, taking part in singing competition I Am a Singer, which takes place in the Chinese city of Changsha. The Dimash managed to get four of the fourteen stages of the prestigious competition. Army fans Kudaibergenova, whose “Instagram” signed by half a million people, praying for his victory. “StarHit” learned more about the talented singer.


      Dimash Kudaibergenov was born on 24 may 1994 in the Kazakh city of Aktobe. His parents Kanat and Svetlana Aitbaeva are honored artists of the Republic of Kazakhstan. They have done a lot in order to reveal the abilities of his son. Dimash not the only child in the family, he also has a brother and sister Almansur Raushan.

      In an interview with reporters Svetlana Aitbayev admitted that he taught the heirs are not to sit idle. While parents are engaged in concert activities or take part in the public life of his native city, their children attend.

      “I believe that a child should receive a versatile education. We all lead children in various activities, languages, music, dancing. I believe that every child should receive a musical education which will be useful in life. Because music teaches not only music, but also helps to be confident in front of an audience”, – said the mother Dimash Svetlana.


      Because of the astonishing abilities of the Kazakh singer is often compared to the Vitas. At one stage the Chinese competition Dimash struck all the spectators with an exceptional performance of “the Opera №2”. Witnesses to the triumphal performance Kudaibergenova was ecstatic and did not hide his admiration for the young artist. In the final rooms Dimash came on the scene his father tightly embraced a son. It happened under the storm of applause of the crowd.

      He Dimash, however, denies comparisons with Vitas. The contractor believes that his voice is not similar to the vocal abilities of a popular Russian artist.

      “I heard they call me “the Kazakh Vitas”, the “second process” that I “sing like Vitas”. Of course, Vitas is a good singer, I respect him. But I’m not “second artist” versed in music experts will understand. The Directors of the competition have decided that in the next stage, I sang the most difficult song Vitas – “Opera №2″. I decided to take it on a two tone higher with four modulations. How I did it, rate it”, – said Kudaibergenov.


      Many fans Dimash Kudaibergenova note that he has amazing vocal skills. He easily gives even the most complex songs. The young actor has impressed foreign viewers with a performance of such hits as “The Show Must Go On”, “SOS d’un terrien en détresse” and “Autumn sorrow”. The last song included in the repertoire gonkongskoe artist Jackie Chun. Dimash blew the public that sang it in Chinese. For that Kudaibergenov was engaged with the tutor. In plans of the young stars – number in the native Kazakh language.

      Fans of the artist marvel at his diligence. Singer Svetlana Aitpaeva mother Dimash Kudaibergenova, told reporters that her son just used a lot of work.

      “He’s from the age of 5 was singing, learned to play the piano and dreamed of becoming a world famous star. And we laughed. He worked, looking for techniques, exercises. Vocal range he wide, probably due to the fact that in the children’s choir teachers demanded from him that he used to sing the top notes. That is, he sang for the girl and for the boy. And he was angry and said, “I’m Not going to sing like a girl”. We tried to persuade him. He was very lucky with teachers voice training. Well, we, as parents, from childhood, controlled, assisted in professional growth”, – the woman shared with reporters.


      During the meeting with correspondents of local editions of Mama Dimash Kudaibergenova said that his heart is free. However, it is, is not known. He Dimash does not like to dwell on his personal life. Note that the hearts of thousands of fans of the musician were dashed when the press suddenly “flared” photos of the singer with a charming brunette. They were later removed from the Network. However, some fans Kudaibergenova decided that babe cheated by making pictures with the artist using a graphics editor.


      A lot of fuss about meeting Dimash Kudaibergenova with the famous actor Jackie Chan, who saw his speech on TV. The action star left in awe of the talent of the Kazakhstani artist and myself decided to meet him.

      “At the meeting, the actor gave me his jacket exclusive, and signature device for listening to music. I gave him a caftan, and the Kazakh dombra. Looking forward to new meetings! Dreams come true” – shared Kudaibergenov in social networks.

      Among fans of the young Kazakhstan artist was also French-speaking singer Lara Fabian. The star appreciated the talent Kudaibergenova and expressed a desire to communicate with him personally. This was told by the PR agent of the artist.

      “Today we have good news. A famous singer Lara Fabian, who heard the performance Dimash on the Internet, offered him a beautiful wishes. Not surprised by the performance of the Dimash, she was invited to a meeting”, – reported Alpamys Karimov.

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