Житель Казахстана переоделся в девушку ради участия в конкурсе красоты 22-year-old Eli Diaghilev even got to the final. The young man was impersonating a girl named Arina Aliyev. Makeup and wig helped the boy to achieve maximum similarity with the fair sex. The guy argued with friends before participating in the contest.

In Kazakhstan, a competition for Miss Virtual Puerto Rico. Girls from different regions of the country sent questionnaires to participate. Everyone could choose the most beautiful contestants in a special Supplement. Many voted for the 24-year-old Alina Aliyev from Shymkent, which reached the final. It turned out that under the guise of a girl application filed 22-year-old Eli Diaghilev. The guy argued with friends.

“All the talk is my thing. I wanted to convey to all one important thought that now the girls forgot about their individuality. Interested in trends, fashion, forgetting his own “I”. In any case, I’m not advocating that guys dressed like women and walked as the streets. It was just a bet. First and foremost, I advocate the natural, self-development. The girls weren’t so obsessed with appearance. Now, many girls and guys suffer from the fact that do not meet the beauty standards,” – said Diaghilev to journalists.

The young man was born in Almaty. With 17 years he worked in the modeling business. Also Diaghilev educated at University on a specialty “Finance”, however, realizing that he is not interested, left. In social networks the guy is the town of Shanghai, as he worked there as a model for several months. Then he returned home and worked with local designers, and recently founded a company that produces photo and video content.

“I decided to form a team of creative guys from beginners to makeup artists, hairdressers, photographers, video makers. I want to develop them so that people began to notice their creativity. We create interesting ideas, videos, photos, I create the concept for the shoot, teach people how to pose properly present yourself,” says Eli.

Of course, according to the rules of the competition, it may not participate guy, so Alina Aliyev was removed from further testing. Diaghilev says that the transformation into a girl was just a experiment. It is not representative of homosexual orientation.

“Kazakh mentality are not welcomed by the boys among the models. We have it more as a hobby, the guys there are models, but they are seriously not doing this, it is believed that this Wat. If you’re a guy and you’re in this area, it is considered that you’re gay. About myself I want to say, anticipating questions on this topic that I not belong. In the future I plan to marry, to have children, however, has not yet met the one that would have inspired me for a serious relationship. I think the guy needs self-actualization as a man, to stand up and to think about continuation of a sort,” said Diaghilev in an interview with the publication tengrinews.kz.