Katya’s mother of Zsuzsa admired the natural beauty

Мама Кати Жужи восхитила естественной красотой Irina Agibalova shared by the women in the microblog. Members admire the fact that the mother of Katie Zsuzsa is not trying to look younger than their years, and began to reshape the appearance, in order to please others.

Recently the leading “House-2” Kate Susan celebrated the birthday of his only daughter. Nicole was nine years old. At the party in the Venetian style and had fun almost all the stars of the popular reality show with children. And as the guest of honor of the festival it was attended by the grandmother of the hero of the occasion Katya’s mother of Zsuzsa.

The woman, apparently, is a warm and friendly relationship with a former participant of “House-2” Irina Agibalova. Because she decided to share the joint with mom Katie in the microblog, expressing thereby his sympathy to the mother leading the project.

“Wonderful mommy you, Katya”, – signed photo in Instagram Irina Agibalova and then brought down on himself a storm of criticism.

Some followers of ex-member “House-2” thought she posted the picture for comparison and contrast to look even younger on the background of mom Katie’s Zsuzsa. “You could not resist the temptation to boast. This is my opinion. Especially if to eat than brag. As a lawyer would say, your rights end where rights begin another person. These borders are very thin, fragile… Let’s be kinder not to offend anyone”. Irina Aleksandrovna such comments hurt. “Why you see only bad? Why? I’m unable to upload pictures with women? I can only youth to be photographed?” asked Agibalova followers.

However, the majority still agreed that Irina didn’t do anything wrong. Subscribers made a lot of compliments mother of Katie Zsuzsa, noting that it is able to win each of its internal beauty and kindness.

“Girls, Katya’s mom is just a natural beauty and doesn’t care what you think”, “Irina, you both look great, beauty!”, “According to my mother, Katie shows that she’s fun people!” “Super mommy”, “What a beautiful and cozy mom Katya. See that person healthy and happy,” “Here on this picture you can see that women are about the same age, only one of plastic and groomed, the second natural and pleasant, but aging beautifully has not been canceled!” – are fans.

By the way, Irina Agibalova never hid the fact that resorted to the services of plastic surgeons. Moved female and surgery to gastric bypass, thanks to which she manages to maintain weight. And of course, she’s on a diet. Due to the fact that Irina take good care of yourself, it looks great and can easily give odds to young girls. 52-year-old Irina Agibalova boasted a figure in a swimsuit