Katya Volkova gave the young dancer the mascot

Катя Волкова подарила юному танцору талисман
The actress has supported the participant in the show “You’re super! Dancing.”

Katya Volkova on the shooting of the show “You’re super! Dancing”

Photo: press-service of NTV

16 Sep NTV viewers will see
the third day of competition of the project “You are super! Dancing.” Qualifying test —
responsible and difficult time for young dancers. To cope with anxiety
the contestants help famous actors, dancers, singers. So, to support Misha
Tretyakova from the city of Berezniki in Perm Krai came to the star of the TV series “Voronin”
Ekaterina Volkova.

Misha is in the care of the
grandparents. Since 6 years he is engaged in ballroom dancing and
making progress. 11-year-old boy has accumulated an impressive collection
dance trophies: around 30 awards and diplomas! The contestant with
Latin American dancing was so impressive that all
the jury members left their seats and, along with Misha, as well as leading Alexander
Oleshko danced the Lambada.

Maintain amazingly artistic
dancer and say his parting words came actress Ekaterina Volkova. It
gave Misha a toy-a talisman, promising that she will bring him luck at all performances
and competitions, which in Mike’s career, of course, will be many.

that camera not shoot the moments when we watch their performance from behind the scenes:
I was overwhelmed with emotions! — says Ekaterina Volkova. — Misha is dancing with such
pleasure and passion that ignites and attracts the attention of all around.
I think he is a big and interesting way. I was dancing and you know
as difficult and exciting to be on stage, even when you’re perfectly
know your program, so first and foremost, I wish him and all participants
confidence. Of course, get rid of excitement is not easy, and to some extent it
remains always. But still — try to leave it behind, to dance
soul and believe in yourself. You are the best! You — super!”