Катю Семенову преследуют несчастья The singer lost his parents, survived the separation from his son and the betrayal of her husband. After just twelve days after the official divorce with her husband, pop star of the 80s Katya Semenova remembered what ordeals suffered over the years.
Катю Семенову преследуют несчастья

Katya Semenova left the big stage in the ‘ 90s. New demands on singers, fierce competition and unexpected for the Soviet contractor of the site was unacceptable for Katya Semenova. Singer left in the shade, began to write more, to speak less, almost never appeared on television.

But in the fall of 2017 Katya Semenova forced to talk about themselves. But no new song was the reason for Ithaca, excitement, and a sharp turn in the personal life of a star. Katya Semenova said that her husband Michael Tereshenko, with whom she lived in wedlock a quarter of a century, changed her, and she is not going to accept it anymore and filed for divorce.

Katya Semenova divorced after 25 years of marriage

The singer was supported by the fans, felt sorry for her, encouraged her. The husband repented, didn’t deny it. On the first working day of this year, January 9, Ekaterina Semenova and Mikhail Tereshenko officially ceased to be spouses, the divorce has officially taken place.

The singer herself announced on his page in Instagram after the announcement of the program “When all the houses” with their participation. “Program filmed in may – said Katya Semenova – but don’t worry. I’ve been divorced for 11 days. The programme will look into it, there will show my grandson,” addressed to the subscribers of the singer.

Semenov, who has just gone through a divorce, the transfer of Timur Kizâkova remembered, what tests have fallen to its share. The artist lost his father early. He died tragically on the day of birth of own daughter. Dad of the singer, according to her, drank and beat their children. Semenov argues that she was not really a wanted child. “Waiting for the Fedora boy”, smiled Kate. But no matter what, Semenov recalls the tragedy of his family with tears in his eyes.

“My dad, the engineer, went on a business trip to build another hydroelectric station on 5 January. And early in the morning of the 7th, my birthday, my sister Luda, which my father had a very close energy relationship, stood up and said, “I dreamed that daddy died”… I dress up, in white bows. And suddenly the phone rang, mom picked it up and settled. In short, before work, dad with his comrades went to the lab to drink for my health. He took some unsigned flask, poured the alcohol and the alcohol was wood. So he died on my birthday,” – said Semyonov.

Five years later, Semenov lost his mother, and in the mid-90s, has passed away older sister of the singer. Both relatives died from cancer. “Somehow left very early, says Semenov – So my installation: I have to live 102-104 of the year.”

In addition, the singer openly spoke about how he suffered in separation from his only son. After divorcing the father of her child Andrei Baturin – Semenov has agreed to leave the boy with my mother in law. Since then, the actress enjoyed success on the stage, she just had no other choice.

Semenova sometimes so bored that came into the yard, where walked an ex-husband with his son and watched. Once she heard that father and son meet in the cafe, went there, and stood there all day hoping to see your own child. It turned out that ex-husband was just joking. However, Semenova anyone not hold a grudge and blames exclusively himself.

“Fig, I mom was. Because many, many years ago divorced with God the father, and it didn’t take. Once heard Andrew on the Playground said to Ivan: “let’s Go to McDonald’s.” I could the day to stand there and wait for that to come. And he joked,” – said Semyonov.