Katya Semenova showed his tattoo

Катя Семенова показала свое тату
This autumn it became known about the betrayal of her husband stars of the 80s Katya Semenova.

Катя Семенова показала свое тату

The man changed his wife, and the singer could not forgive it to their partner and filed for divorce. In the new year, Kate is ready to change, and she decided to start with tattoo.

Катя Семенова показала свое тату

“Sorry, that is still not very nice, but no patience, I want to boast,” wrote Semenov under the picture, which shows tattoos.

Recall that Semenov 25 years has lived in marriage with Michael, Tereshenko, and the couple was always amazed idyll in the family. But it turned out that for several years, the man cheated on his wife.

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