Катя Семенова изменилась до неузнаваемости после развода с мужем The actress has been transformed for the filming of the program “Andrey Malakhov. Live broadcast.» Semenova frankly told about her life with Michael, Tereshenko. Andrey Malakhov has made the surprise stars of the 80s, so she showed up at the Studio in a new outfit and with a spectacular hairstyle.
Катя Семенова изменилась до неузнаваемости после развода с мужем

In the new edition of “Andrey Malakhov. Live” Katya Semenova told his story of relationships with her husband, and explained why he filed for divorce. The star of the ‘ 80s lived for about 25 years of marriage with actor Michael Tereshenko. The last couple of years the man lied a lot and hid from her relationship with a young mistress. As Semenov admitted, the husband really did not want to divorce, as well as hoping that if Katie’s health gets worse, her entire estate will go to him.

“While I was sedated, he for no reason I suddenly Natasha began to call and began to understand that I am very sick, and constantly in tears provoked. I am in my life so didn’t cry much this year. And take on the insistent advice of Misha’s some drops, and then lay in a complete stupor, even can not speak, work only eyes. A friend (she’s a doctor), somehow finding me in this condition, almost shouting: “Misha, this is a very dangerous story! The breath can stop in any second!”And he, for some strange reason, never called an ambulance. Just came and watched and went into the kitchen,” said Kate.

Kate Semenova: “shot me and tried to poison»

The woman admitted that in his life and couldn’t afford expensive clothes because all the money brought home, and sometimes lent to Michael. It was very surprised when one day he got a Bank card and bought her a sheepskin. In recent years, Semenova bought things at consignment shops and second-hand.

When Andrei Malakhov came to Semenova to visit, he was presented the artist of the famous brand shoes with red soles. In 57 years, Kate is not wearing heels, so her collection is a trendy lacquered loafers.

Катя Семенова изменилась до неузнаваемости после развода с мужем

Star was surprised, because off stage she dresses very inconspicuously. On the day of dissolution of marriage with Michael, Katya made a gift. She explained that she got tired of the relationship and are unable to forgive her husband’s betrayal.

Katya Semenova about the divorce with her husband: “I copied everything on it, I don’t want»

“I flew to the Registrar no light, no dawn. I bought at a yard sale sheepskin over 3000, because I know I need to celebrate. This year I tried three times to get drunk. I was looking for some way out. But it’s not my genre. Therefore, after the Registrar, I realized that feast I will not,” admitted the star.
Катя Семенова изменилась до неузнаваемости после развода с мужем

In the Studio, Andrei Malakhov, Semenova appeared after a few treatments in the Spa, and shopping in prestigious boutiques. Friends who were present in the Studio, and admired her transformation.

“Katya, I congratulate you with the return to itself. You are so Frank and honest, and you decided to voice some things that people are afraid to admit” – said Irina Lachin.

At the moment Semenova acknowledged that she felt like a true liberation, to tell this story. She is preparing to amaze the audience with new hits and the album.

“Let’s discuss that in revenge. There is a reason. I didn’t deserve what he did,” Kate answers critics who think she’s too frequently shared the details of his personal life in television.