Katya Semenova about the divorce with her husband: “I copied everything on it, I don’t want»

Катя Семенова о разводе с мужем: «Я все переписала на него, не хочу ничего» The actress spoke in detail about the separation with her husband. According to Semenova, she can’t call what happened cheating, and considers the act of Michael’s betrayal. The star gave the ex-Deputy’s car, motorcycle and apartment.

Katya Semenova became the heroine of the program “My hero.” During the program the star of the ‘ 80s recalled a difficult childhood, and also explained why broke up her marriage. The singer lost his parents early and lived with my sister. From the age of 11 she went to work as a cleaner to earn on any doll.

Semenova remembers that when her mother died, the teacher reported it to her classmates, they felt sorry for her. At school, Kate studied disappointing, because she didn’t like. She even had three singing.

Her family was psychologically difficult because of constant lack of money. “When my mother died, my sister was 25 years old. She did not hesitate could come from the three works and tell me: “let’s drink”. And I am 11 years was drinking,” says the artist.

After school Semenova went to work in a cafe. It was later arranged to a medical facility. There she fell ill with tuberculosis. “I spent more than a year in the hospital,” recalls the singer.

The star of the ‘ 80s Katya Semenova told the terrible diagnosis

After a serious illness Katya was only hired in a veterinary clinic. She later learned that one newspaper holds a music competition. She decided to try their hand, they just loved to sing.

Semenova says that luck smiled at her. For some time she worked in the girls ‘ team, but it is often criticized for its appearance.

The star of the ‘ 80s had a lot of work. Sometimes it was four shows a day. “It was work that I was making money,” shares Kate. At the age of 22 she got married and some time later her son was born. The management tried to dissuade her so young to have a child, but she did not dare to abortion. Semenova admits that the nine months she worked and nursed the van.

Some time later, the singer decided to divorce her husband.

“It was very difficult. I left my husband for certain reasons. It’s not for the fact that I fell in love with the other person,” says Kate about the breakup with the father of her child.

On the first day Semenova took the son because he decided to think about it and then found the strength to return to the apartment. She lived by the wardrobe mistress Nadia. But Vanya she never gave back.

New passion star became Michael Tereshenko. The pair started Dating and then got married. The couple had been married for pocity 25 years. However, on 9 January 2018 and their spread. For a long time the men were different.

Katya Semenova divorced after 25 years of marriage

“For me, divorce is not a disaster. Sometimes cheating is a betrayal. He betrayed me. I gave myself a year after her call. She said that they have not know how to get rid of me”, says Semenov.

According to rivals, Michael was afraid that she did not give him the country. After the news about the change of the singer could live with him another year.

“I immediately kicked out and filed for divorce. But then he began to say that living with me can’t. He almost died. For some reason I thought the life of my loved one still more important. I allowed him to return home,” says Semenov.

According to the artist, a major role in this situation was played by the opponent. She needed more money. Semenov decided not to divide marital property and sent ex-wife a lot.

“He paid her the money. She wanted more. I rewrote him. And car, and motorcycle, and the country,” admitted the star.

Kate calls Michael a jealous person. In her opinion, it is because of this personality, he was not able to acquire friends in Moscow.

All girlfriends Semenova turned away from her, when she forgave her husband. The actress is surprised at how her friends could betray her. The star now plans to focus on his career, and about meeting new men, she does not even think. “Never in my house will not appear to be a deadbeat. This is my house”, – says Katya.

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