Katya Pushkareva returns to the screens!

Катя Пушкарева возвращается на экраны!
CTC love again it will show the cult TV series “Not born beautiful”.

Катя Пушкарева возвращается на экраны!

Nelly Uvarova

Photo: Alexander Mudrats/TASS

“Not born beautiful” — the story of a young girl
turned from an ugly duckling to a beautiful Swan.
Comedic-melodramatic series goes under the slogan: “Stay itself”.
It is this motto that helps Katya Pushkareva, the main character — build
only career, but also love.

The main role in the series was played Nelly Uvarova. To make
attractive Actresses ugly it was difficult — on the problem of labor a
a team of talented artists, costume and makeup.

“We wanted to do
the project, which is very characteristic of our time.
Now many people are not settled in life, they are waiting for strong feelings, the change, — says Ilya Papernov, creative producer, We were interested in how a modern man takes a test that he
fall. Besides the fact that this film is about love, it’s about nebesni change.”

The heroine of the TV series will prove that the main thing — to believe in yourself!
Therefore, CTC love again soon will give the audience a touching story of Katie

Nelly Uvarova and Gregory Antipenko in the series “Not born beautiful”

Photo: Elena Sidyakina/AMEDIA/TASS