Katya LEL remembered the cruelty of the former producer

Катя Лель вспомнила про жестокость бывшего продюсера The singer admitted why her songs for many years was not heard on the radio. Katya LEL no secret that the ex-patron Alexander Volkov tried to destroy her career. However, the star was able to forgive him, when a man became fatally ill.
Катя Лель вспомнила про жестокость бывшего продюсера

Katya LEL became the guest of the program “Hello, Andrew!” on “Russia 1”. For the first time in many years, the artist was able to discuss the painful topic of the conflict with former producer Alexander Volkov. That is the influential man behind the popularity of the future stars. He helped her record some new songs, looking for the right creative team for a young artist, but hoped for something more than cooperation at work.

LEL admitted that he is not loved Volkova. He was married, and for the young singer it was an insurmountable obstacle.

“I immediately told him that the role of a mistress will destroy me. Therefore only agreed to give birth to his children, but only in wedlock. He couldn’t leave the family. And then I caught the popularity, and he began to be jealous. Thought that now I don’t need it, because I have a multi-million army of fans. Then began the courts, he wanted in principle to forbid me to act, to deprive all” – shared memories of the artist.

For four years the star has struggled to maintain popularity. She’s in court defended the right to perform his famous hits and eventually won. In recognition of LEL, it is believed that wolves are really sick, because he believed the news about his condition a way to return former relations. Anyway, Kate managed to bring himself wrote former producer for FREE with the touching words of support.

Alexander Volkov died in 2008 after a long battle with serious illness. However, Katya LEL still has some problems in terms of promoting new songs.

“Some of his friends still block me oxygen, not allowed to speak at some music venues. Remember how earlier colleagues in show business to me not even Hello. Afraid that his anger will overtake them. A very influential man he was, but he didn’t take into account my strength and perseverance. In the end, by some miracle I won in court, and in the war as a whole”, – said the artist.

Now Katya LEL has the ability to perform and record songs in any venue. However, the artist can not forget how it tried to sink through power and brute force. In recognition of the star, due to this conflict it has soured relations with almost all friends. Next to the artist is left only the most faithful and loyal friends.