Katya LEL preserves the youthfulness using the capsule

Катя Лель сохраняет молодость при помощи капсулы
The singer was an unusual procedure.

Photo: Instagram

Katya LEL carefully monitors its health and preservation of youth. If earlier it was done only yoga, in recent years has added strength training in the gym with a personal trainer, and she constantly goes through some interesting procedures. “Ion house” — one of the most beloved singer.

“It is held in a capsule made of Japanese pine, told the star. — During a session on the organism simultaneously affects several natural factors: water vapor from the hot spring sources in Japan and ions of rare minerals. Minerals previously ground with the help of nanotechnology to the state of the polar crystal powder, which has a strong ionising effect. Saves especially after the flight and lack of sleep. Need to save youth, health and beauty, of course!»

But this is only part of a healthy lifestyle Katya LEL. Extra pounds only recently began to burden the artist, so she really busy with their food.

“Sometimes resorted to the Indian practice of cleansing is a very effective method, — told LEL “7 days”. — It includes the washing of the body oils, special diet, consisting of steamed rice, vegetables. Before concerts I daily, at least one hour of training with a trainer, and don’t miss cardio on the elliptical. To calm down your mind and thoughts helps me yoga. In addition, I had to completely give up your favorite cakes and fruits, and I have a terrible sweet tooth! Nutritionist let me only porridge on the water in the morning, protein foods and very little carbs — 120 grams a day.”