Katya LEL has been hounding

Кате Лель устроили травлю
The singer is horrified by threats to her daughter.

Katya LEL with daughter Emilia

Photo: Instagram.com

Katya LEL admitted that for the past ten years terrorized by the fan. According to the singer, at first he sent her the lyrics to assess and may be purchased for a large sum. But without waiting for a response, the fan moved on to threats. Only Kate has already received about a thousand letters and phone calls from persistent men.

The singer admitted that some time ago wrote on the annoying pursuer, who wrote her messages, a statement to the police. However, this does not affect the case. According to Katya, crazy fan knew where the star and threatened to meet her at the house. And he recently moved on to threats to her seven year old daughter Emilia, and that was for her the last straw. Man the details began to write about the massacre of the girl. After that, she re-drew the police and employees of the Central channel to illuminate the situation in the media.

“People are aware of where I live, what school my kid goes to, what my child is my mother, and so on. I’m very concerned and worried. I want to live in peace and confidence that my family will be protected!” — told LEL.

Incidentally, the actress confessed that a Stalker is threatening not only her, but also lolita and Angelica Agurbash.