Katya LEL communicates with UFOs

Катя Лель общается с НЛО

Катя Лель общается с НЛО

Katya LEL gave their teeth a UFO? Strange antics Katya LEL shocking her fans and she does it in all seriousness!
The singer does not get tired to prove that routinely sees little green men in front of him, but points out that they began to come back to her when she was still 16 years old.
“Was I this green the substance and her own frightened eyes looked at me and said, “Open your mouth!” When I opened my mouth, I saw absolutely no pain, no blood, that kind of distance, as if tooth 4 bottom left side! And you have no teeth at once!”, — remembers Katya LEL.
Such is Jaga-Jaga…After it has visited the green men, the singer began to hear voices!
The singer, who had his teeth removed, and the next day after the tooth loss, the singer began to hear voices of little green men. Little green men came up to Katya regularly and then stopped coming.
And in the spring of 2019, the year they went again, but this time saw 10-year-old daughter Catherine
Emilia. The woman even put the video in the “Instagram” and signed: “Amy first saw them on the balcony in Kislovodsk. They’re out there.”
“Look Emmy, two of them, you see?” — never ceases to amaze the singer.
See, Kate loves them and is waiting for, they’re not scare her like I did in 16 years, and even waiting.
“That’s how we live my dear! Don’t know here, are you ready for something unbelievable? Know that you comfortable to live in the sense to what you are used to, but the time has come to change the world! We are ready!”, — signed the next post Catherine.

Катя Лель общается с НЛО

Under one of the videos on his page in Instagram it signed:

“Good evening! With great interest now beginning to read the book “Extraterrestrial civilizations” Paul Hilova, advanced and ready to turn their minds without fear itself, and new discoveries, I recommend!!! “Usually, the poorer the knowledge of man, the louder he argues, denying everything. Smart man would say nothing for an unknown question, check the information, dig deeper into the topic, and only then make conclusions for themselves – does this really is.” Paul Khailov. Respect, respect! Thank you!”

Maybe not, but most likely this love Catherine for life. It could happen to her grandchildren visit?

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