Katya Kolisnichenko fat for the next plastic surgery

Катя Колисниченко растолстела ради очередной пластической операции  Eks-the participant “Houses-2” have once again decided to go under the surgeon’s knife. For operation Kolisnichenko already gained ten pounds. Catherine plans to improve the shape, increase buttocks and adjust the waist.

Catherine Kolisnichenko have long loved plastic surgery. Girl two times changed the shape of the nose, enhanced Breasts. Also ex-member of telestroke passed lipofilling. Such an operation is quite complicated, it corrects the contours of the body. The procedure involves the transplantation of own fat tissue from one area to another.

“Will lipofilling, lipostructure… I purposely gained ten pounds overweight to do this operation and pump up his ass. I have already had surgery, with the last six months – it was a secondary rhinoplasty. So I’ve had it. Keep me fingers crossed!” – said Katya.

Kolisnichenko explained that the extra weight needed for the transplant result fat fully satisfied her. According to ex-member of telestroke, she already passed lipofilling.

“We need to get fat to quality fat you can upload and implant in the buttocks. If there is no fat, nothing will be injected into the buttocks. Previous injections I did, and I still have bumps in the abdomen. I want to do Brazilian ass and narrow waist. And my example to show that there are talented surgeons, and not so expensive figure in the dream,” admitted Katya.

We will remind, in February of last year, the star of “House-2” has changed the shape of the nose. Kolisnichenko did not anticipate that the effects of surgery would be so dire. As argued by Kate, the nose dipped and took the form of “potato”, the girl was very upset due to the unsuccessful operation. So decided on secondary rhinoplasty.

“At the end of September I will go to Peter to do a rhinoplasty. The first operation was unsuccessful, there is a noticeable asymmetry. Most likely, you will have to make the fence of the cartilage from the ears or even from the rib, as the previous surgeon left very little material. The nose dipped,” admitted the star of telestroke.Ekaterina Kolisnichenko horrified by the “sagging” of the nose after surgery

After re-operation in the field of nose Kate told fans on Instagram that the result is fully satisfied.

As reports the edition “Dom2Life.ru” the result of another plastics Kolisnichenko promised to share with fans and the press.