Катя Клэп: «Я теряла подруг, потому что они меня предавали»
In the international day blog 7days.ru published an interview with one of the brightest stars you’ll ever need.

Катя Клэп: «Я теряла подруг, потому что они меня предавали»

Kate Clapp

Photo: Philip Goncharov

Katya Trofimova started a video blog on YouTube in 16 years. Now she has 4.5 million subscribers, an entire army of those who are interested in her views on life, meetings, travel, and shopping on site. And two channels on YouTube, blogs, Twitter, and Instagram, their own heading on the Disney channel, and even the recently released perfume its name. Starting with small videos taken on the phone, Katya came to this movie: tries his hand at directing and starred in — she will soon appear in the new season of the series Molodezhka” on STS channel. For several years modest Moscow schoolgirl has transformed its network name TheКateClapp in an incredibly successful online brand and has become a real star of the Network. Without millions of investments in promotion, without a team of PR people — only blogging.

Journalist Elena Kostin met with Katya Klep in the international day blog and tried to figure out what’s made the Internet star is in the network fame, and why bloggers are now influencing the world more than the official press.

— Kate, when
you ran your blog on the Network, probably in the family to this lesson seriously no
not treated? I have seen the future of your only child parents? What
wanted for you grandparents?

They all wanted to bring me something they have themselves in this life
it did not happen. One grandmother wanted me to become a chemist, the other to
accountant. The grandfather wanted to granddaughter played guitar, and I even went to
courses. The mother hoped that I would become a designer, sent me to art
school. I loved the house something to “crow” for his own pleasure. But
my art school drawings compared with someone for whatever
certain parameters, which I did not like. I prefer to do that
most interesting to me, not the teacher.

Another mother’s dream was — to I
mastered horse riding, she found the money, and for some time I worked in the arena.
In General, everywhere tried everything, even went to a dance club we have
area. And the parallel in 14 years began to remove their videos. Parents believed that
this is my regular fan, grandparents used another word so
duralast. I then removed a camera built into a cell phone.

It is
mounted in the phone was built-in clip program. In General, I now
nothing beyond do not need: camera, lens for far and
close distances and be sure to light. Before all of this had to be ordered in
Chinese website and another three months to wait for delivery. And the light I bought
hardware store for 300 rubles. It is now in special shops
sale set of bloggers and who are bloggers, you know almost everything.

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  • Катя Клэп: «Я теряла подруг, потому что они меня предавали»
    Katya Klep

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