Katy Perry made a risky statement

Кэти Перри сделала рискованное заявление
The singer has matured to become a mother.

Katy Perry

Photo: Fotodom.ru

Recently 31-year-old singer Katy Perry made a surprise announcement. Katie hinted that do not mind
in the near future to become a mother. “Now all my thoughts are focused on
children. Their me yet, but I
communicate a lot with my sister and realize how much love and care they need. I
witnessed a miracle — the appearance of
on light, and it made for
I am extremely impressed!” — Perry said. This was announced by the Internet site eonline.com

Cathy firsthand
knows what she’s talking about. The fact that the singer herself has twice attended the birth — the same sister that she mentioned. First in 2014, and then this fall, she acted as
Amateur midwives, helping first the oldest child, and then the younger
to be born. And, for the first time, as admitted Katie, delivery took a right
the living sisters!

And this year, as
Perry wrote in his microblog, she learned so valiantly to fulfill their
obstetric charge that the singer managed to set a personal record: two
o’clock she assisted the emergence of a second nephew in the light, and when all
over, quickly got to 8 am in the Studio where she was scheduled
the recording of the next song. Moreover, everything that happened to Katie very much. And,
as it turned out, now practice
not her nephew, she wants to acquire their own offspring.

Curiously, until
recently, Perry never mentioned his desire to become a mother. Though
Katie was in the past more than enough gentlemen, not to mention the fact that
for two years she was married to actor Russell Brand, she’s still not
attempt to get offspring. While making his statement, Cathy
not seem to have consulted in advance with her current boyfriend — Orlando
Bloom. And bloom, meanwhile, did not seem
eager to get another child. After all, he already has a son
five-year Flynn from her marriage with Miranda
Kerr. And, according to his friends, chatting with Flynn while he is enough…