Katy Perry has swapped pirate for rocker

Кэти Перри променяла «пирата» на рокера
The singer spun a new novel.

Кэти Перри променяла «пирата» на рокера

Кэти Перри променяла «пирата» на рокера

Katy Perry pretty quickly
“moved on” after breakup with Orlando bloom. She has found the perfect replacement
the star of “Pirates of the Caribbean” — in the person of the leader of the rock group Coldplay Chris
Martin. This was reported online edition of the Sun.

Katie “spotted” in the company
Chris at the festival in Glastonbury, where
she hugged Martin and wandered around gently holding his hand.

At the same time, both looked
perfectly happy. As a
time ago said the American Katie, she just loves the British and finds
their accent is so attractive. So it’s not a coincidence she dumped
British bloom, who was born in Albion Chris Martin.

By the way, now nothing
prevents Perry and Martin to build relationships, because both are completely free. Chris
this year broke up with actress Annabelle Wallis, who he dated since the summer
2015. And Kathy in February completed
his affair with Orlando bloom, which lasted little more than a year.

However, it can be assumed,
Katie will be difficult to adapt to the lifestyle of Chris. After all, while he was still in
2014-the year I broke up with Gwyneth Paltrow, Martin is still the holidays and
holidays spent in the society of the ex-wife and their two children — daughter Apple and
son of Moses. As stated, this was the cause of the crash of the previous
novel Chris, who Wallis met with actress Jennifer Lawrence…