Katy Perry has made a rating of their lovers

Кэти Перри составила рейтинг своих любовников

American singer Katy Perry has been through a lot in the air, “Late show with James Korden” (“The Late Late Show host James Corden”). With a light application of TV host actress had to publicly rank their famous lovers – John Mayer, DJ Diplo and Orlando bloom.

“They’re all exceptionally good lovers. I would have sex with every one of them right now” — tried to laugh it off a celebrity.
However, the presenter reminded that they play “Nothing but the truth”, and therefore, the list from best to worst to make still have. After some hesitation, Perry decided to voice his opinion: best of the best was Meyer behind him in the list were Orlando and closed the Diplo rating.
Recall that recently in mass media there was information that John, with whom Katie dated for almost five years, again trying to get her back. But Perry was not one of those who enter the same river twice. The failure of women, however, did not prevent Meyer to dedicate a song to her “Still Feel Like Your Man”.