Кэти Перри подтвердила свое воссоединение с Орландо Блумом
The actor went on tour together with his beloved.

Кэти Перри подтвердила свое воссоединение с Орландо Блумом

Katy Perry with Orlando bloom in Prague


Katy Perry, broke up with Orlando bloom last year, has confirmed
they renewed their affair. As it became known, the singer, who is currently in
time does concert tour Witness
World Tour,
got to Japan. And at the concert she gave in Tokyo, Katie has dedicated
one of his songs Orlando.

“I feel loved so much as
never before. And my song just this extraordinary feeling — love! She
about you and for you, my love!” said
Katie from the scene, turning to Orlando, who was sitting in the auditorium. As it became
you know, bloom, leaving their business and not sparing time, went to Japan
along with Perry. Here he not only attended her concert, in his spare time he
managed to walk Katie around the city and take a ride
on the cards. And last month, the lovers, which is quite dense
schedule, also found a way to be together: then Katie flew to Orlando
who was in Prague filming the sci-Fi series Carnival Row.

Recall, Katie and Orlando, which began
to meet in 2016 , in March last year, announced the completion of his novel.
However, it took a little more than six months, as they began to see again together. And
last month, Perry arrived at my sister’s wedding, caught the bouquet
what was perceived as her desire to quickly get married. However, after that, she with a bouquet of sped rapidly away. Katie commented on his actions: “I know how to value friendship, but
run away from love, which I have…” In Orlando
Bloom replied, “You can certainly try
to run away, but you can’t hide from yourself!” Then it became
it is clear that the lovers are reunited. As told one of the bridesmaids Katie,
she tried to forget Orlando, but it was more than her strength. And now Perry,
does not regret his decision to return to bloom.

Katy Perry

Photo: Zuma/TASS