Katy Perry has collected 100 million Twitter followers

Кэти Пери собрала в Twitter 100 млн подписчиков

The flamboyant American singer 32-year-old Katy Perry has set a record: for the first time in the history of Twitter, a user had collected 100 million subscribers. Through this it has become the most popular person in the microblog. To set the record, Peri 96 hours spent in live and tell the globe about yourself.

Pop singer became the first person who got the 100 millionth subscriber in his blog on Twitter. About the “historical result,” said the press service of the singer, put up a post in a microblog. On the page in Twitter wrote a message: “Today we are witnesses of history.” Moreover, the administration played words — “Witness” (“Witness”) — the title of the new album Katy Perry. Twitter noted that the achievement of the first ever social networking.
To break records, unmatched Katy Perry went live for 96 hours and showed their own personal followers. The star showcased all their secrets. She showed how in yoga, feeding your dog, communicating with friends and colleagues, visits and receives visitors at home, published. Moreover, the fans can watch the intimate moments of life of his idol – as Katie eats, sleeps, takes a shower.
The stream was provided by operators and Directors, controlling 41 of the camera. Live never interrupted. The only thing that can overshadow the achievement of Peri – is that not all subscribers of the blog stars are real. According to some agencies, two-thirds of followers is fake.
His record Katy Perry is ahead in number of subscribers, the canadian singer, 23-year-old Justin Bieber. He has about 98 million readers. Third place went to ex-US President Barack Obama with 91 million followers.
Previously, the most popular microblogging was Twitter, she once signed up 9 million people.
Recall, Katy Perry signed up to Twitter in 2009. Over 8 years in network she posted more than 8 thousand messages.