Кэти Перри «сверкнула» нижним бельем

The singer famously took a ride on the bike, and the whole world know that she is wearing under her dress.

However, in this case to blame the pesky paparazzi, climbing their lenses in the wrong place, not worth it – playful picture appeared on the page of the singer in Instagram. In the photo 31-year-old Katie trying to ride a Bicycle without using his hands, and the wind, meanwhile, does its insidious thing – pulls up her skirt. Signature Cathy said that the photo, of course, somewhat cocky.

Now the singer and actor Orlando bloom spend time together on vacation in Italy and France, but Katie in terms of denudation and audacity has a lot to learn from my boyfriend last week for the role of Legolas has struck the public, hire his girlfriend on the Board for the surf completely naked. Here it is tried paparazzi – Orlando in the Nude appeared on the pages of the British tabloid and then turned into a meme.

As told the publication Us Weekly, a friend of the actor, Orlando does not concerned about raised about his Nude photos by hype – he finds it all very funny and even joked, saying, “well, that photo in the press of his genital organ cover large stickers – it’s flattering”. Katie also humorously refers to this situation, which is, partially, confirmed by a shot of her in Instagram – it seems that the singer and actor are to each other.

And at the end of holiday to Orlando and Katie joined in, and Flynn, 5-year-old son from the actor’s ex-wife Miranda Kerr – the Trinity the notice arrived at the airport in Los Angeles on Wednesday. It seems that the affair of celebrities, which began in January of this year, is developing quite successfully and at times quite fun.

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