Кэти Перри приняла роды у сестры
The singer suddenly became time midwife.

Katy Perry sister Angela

Photo: Instagram.com

Katy Perry, by his own admission, can easily perform a variety of tasks: whether it be recording a new album or… work as a midwife. As it became known, the American singer recently personally took birth from his sisters. That she became an aunt for the second time, she reported on the page in a social network.

“Within two hours of the day helping my sister give birth. But at 8 PM in the Studio. The girl who manages to do two things at once!” proudly confessed the singer. Gender and name of the newborn baby are not yet advertised. By the way, Katie is not the first time involved in the process of the emergence of the baby born. In 2014, her older sister Angela gave birth to her firstborn son, and Perry then helped her. So, by the time of the birth of the second child the singer has already had huge experience in working as a midwife.

By the way, Katie has admitted that she dreams about their own children. However, now they will probably speak too soon. Roman Perry with Orlando bloom develops rapidly, but joint heirs it is definitely is not. Only recently, the singer moved to live in the house Hollywood actor. And now their main objective is to establish a joint life that was not such a simple task. The fact that Katie is known for her love of cats, and bloom, as it turned out, in his nature — “dog person”. As funny as it sounded, but this problem may well cause a parting of lovers. Perry misses his Pets, but move it to Orlando can’t. According to the close environment of the singer, it this really frustrating.