Кэти Перри справляется со стрессом с помощью психотерапевта

31-year-old singer Katy Perry, recently won the heart of hottie Orlando bloom admitted that one time she was quite difficult to handle fame and it seemed to her that at one point she just will not stand and will disappear forever. To help Katie cope with stress, which is present in this industry, took a psychiatrist, a regular visitor of the Cabinet which became the singer.

“I go to the doctor. I didn’t go overboard, I have found. It is difficult in an industry like music. You feel like a fly on a rocket. I learned to drive it and now I feel good,” shared Perry, adding that a lot with my therapist she discusses not any failures in the professional sphere, and the negative perception from any of its actions by fans.

Being a public figure, he is often faced with hurtful comments and harsh remarks from the quite unfamiliar to her. “Adoption is very hard, and even personal experience cannot always help in such a situation,” says Katie.


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