Кэти Перри прокомментировала обнажение Орландо Блума

Novel by American singer Katy Perry and actor Orlando bloom left behind, but many still remember the scandalous exposure of the star of “Pirates of the Caribbean” in Italian waves. The paparazzi captured the moment: the artist, which at that time, Orlando met for about six months, seemed unperturbed, while bloom deftly managed the surfboard, exposing to the sun its slim body. That for them was watching the artist learned from the morning newspaper, when I saw your pictures on the pages of publications.

Bloom was shocked, he did not expect that she would become a victim of the paparazzi.

“I was shocked to see your photo. If I knew that we were watching the paparazzi – I would never have climbed on Board naked. I have had a flair for photographers, I photographed a million times. I knew that we were quite alone and that nobody could know about us. I felt that is the moment of absolute freedom … Well, what can I say? Now I know that nowhere, and I never can be free” — lamented Orlando then.
As admitted in a recent interview with Katie, her partner and wanted to “feel the freedom” and get naked, but she refused.
“Orlando asked me if I get naked, and I was like, “Oh, no”. Just at that moment I was not in the spirit. But I don’t see anything wrong. It’s so cool when you meet someone and suddenly you think of a spontaneous idea: “And maybe we should do it here and now?” — told Katie.
Recall that Perry was the initiator of parting with Orlando, catching him several times on lies.