Кэти Перри считает, что у Кейт Миддлтон платье было лучше, чем у Меган Маркл

May 19, hosted the event, which was waiting for the whole world — Megan Markle was married to Prince Harry. At the wedding she appeared in a white dress by Givenchy, the designer who was British. However, the outfit will not please everyone.

33-year-old Katy Perry told ET that the dress could be made more tight. According to the singer, the dress of Kate Middleton was better and ranks first among the wedding dresses of the Royal family. “Kate. Kate. Kate won,” assured Perry.

Despite the dress that Katie was not very pleased, she is very happy for the newlyweds. “I’m so happy for them. And the fact that she is a staunch feminist, I like it. I support her as a woman, I love her and wish both of them good.”

Recall that Megan decided to give preference to design for a French couture house Givenchy, but the designer was the Briton Clare waight Keller. According to the publication Business Insider, the wedding dress Megan cost her $ 550 thousand. Wedding dress former actress more expensive than Kate Middleton as much as 116 thousand dollars. It should be noted that for the French outfit from home Markle paid herself, because she remained in the reserve as much as $ 5 million, which she earned while working as an actress.

The main decoration of the outfit was the diamond tiara from the Royal collection in 1932. It harmoniously complements the outfit. By the way, like tiara decorated the head of Princess Diana at her wedding.

Bridal veil was a length of about 5 meters. Lace flowers on the veil symbolized each of the Commonwealth countries. Image complements of earrings with diamonds.

Choosing a dress for a celebration, the future wife of Prince Harry were guided by their own taste and advice of her friend and stylist Jessica Mulroney. “Megan and Jessica was at the first dress fitting and had the opportunity to choose among several options of design. Megan said what she likes and what not. She asked to use her favorite elements: embroidery and sleeves,” says the insider, adding that the name of the designer knows only a narrow circle of five.