Кэти Перри объявила о помолвке
The singer did hit all recognition live!

Кэти Перри объявила о помолвке

Katy Perry


Orlando Bloom


33-year-old Katy Perry stunned the audience in
time TV interview, which is Lauren Winter, the host of the TV program Entertainment Tonight, took three-member “judicial
brigade” — Katy Perry and Lionel Richie and
Luke Bryan. When Lauren playfully asked Katie whether she
a little flirting with the young cute contestants, she responded
suddenly: “Definitely not! I’m engaged and very happy!”.

Winter, lost
surprise gift of speech, decided
to clarify: “You got engaged recently?” “Yes! That’s what I meant!” —
said Perry. And it became known that Katie now bride — to-be Orlando bloom.

This message has made such a
strong effect because until recently it was generally unclear
whether Katy and Orlando, which broke up last year
reunited. Only
the end of March, when Perry went on tour to Japan, she during one
of its show dedicated to one of the songs bloom: “This is for you, my beloved!” —
she announced.

Recall, Katie and Orlando
who began to meet in 2016 , in March last year, announced
the conclusion of his novel. However, it took a little more than six months, as they began
again be seen together. In February of this year, Perry arrived at my sister’s wedding,
caught the bride’s bouquet, which was perceived as her
the desire to quickly get married. However, after that, she with a bouquet
sped rapidly away. Katie then commented on his actions: “I know
to appreciate the friendship, but run away from love, which I have…” what Orlando bloom said:
“You can, of course, to try to escape, but you can’t hide from yourself!”