Katy Perry and Orlando bloom wear similar clothes

Кэти Пэрри и Орландо Блум носят похожую одежду

The couple was spotted at the Coachella festival in California.

Katy Perry and Orlando bloom have been Dating for a few months, but until recently were reluctant to appear together in public places. That all changed in April of this year: Katie and Orlando appeared on the arm of the fashion festival Coachella, held in California. It seems to the senses to each other celebrities have a lot in common. For example, a sense of style.

At the festival of stars appeared in very similar robes. Katy Perry has favoured mini-jumpsuit with bright Oriental pattern and completed the outfit sandals in ethnic style and a pair of sunglasses. To match with his lover, Orlando bloom put on a festival Bermuda, are decorated in the same style as the jumpsuit Katie. In addition, the actor wore a red shirt with short sleeves, perfectly in harmony with the outfit Perry.

It seems, no wonder they say: “the husband and the wife – one Satan”. Perhaps, before the wedding is not far.

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