Кэти Перри и Орландо Блум перенесли дату своей свадьбы

Кэти Перри и Орландо Блум перенесли дату своей свадьбы

Western media reported that the 35-year-old singer Katy Perry and a 42-year-old actor Orlando bloom has decided to postpone the date of their wedding. However, fans of the star couple can be assured — in their family there are no differences in the relationship still peace and love. Just beloved have decided to postpone the date, but not just because they have a powerful argument.

According to the insider, Katie and Orlando had moved their wedding date due to the venue of the celebration. Unfortunately, which will host the wedding is unknown, but on the scheduled date it is occupied. In the family everything is fine, they are madly in love, so the wedding will consist of two celebrations. The first will be held in the family circle, but the second want to make it big. The insider also added that the young choose every detail of their holiday preparation is in full swing.

The source also pleased with the good news. Immediately after the wedding, the young people want to start planning children. If Orlando has always said it wants.

In a recent interview, Orlando bloom has already said that he’s always wanted children from Katy Perry. The actor already has eight-year-old son and he enjoys his presence in his life, so he loves kids and wants as much as possible.

Orlando noticed that gets pleasure when spending a lot of time with my son and his friends, therefore, approached the question of children very seriously, this decision is not forced upon public opinion.

It is worth noting that this marriage for Katie and Orlando will be the second in their life. Perry was married in 2010, British comedian Russell Brendan. The wedding took place in India, but their marriage lasted less than a year. The man filed for divorce, where in the column the reasons stated “insurmountable odds in life.” I hope this marriage will be for the celebrities last in their lives.

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