Кэти Перри и Орландо Блум отметили День рождения певицы в Египте

Кэти Перри и Орландо Блум отметили День рождения певицы в Египте

Recently, the famous American singer Katy Perry celebrated her 35th birthday in Sunny Egypt. She went there not alone but with his lover Orlando bloom, also the singer has invited 64 of the other.

This information became known thanks to Instagram Katie, she has published several beautiful pictures from different parts of Egypt.

It’s safe to say that the celebration of this birthday girl will remember for a lifetime, because the company of friends, which was going to fly with it, occupied most of the huge plane. Guys don’t just luxuriated in the warm water and noisy walked, they were scheduled to tour on the Nile, where they spent a total of 10 days. Most likely the program was so intense that Perry even forgot the existence of the Internet. For all the time she no time did not work in the social network, and the first photo published recently.

Under your post, Katie told me about the tradition of ancient Egypt. Before his death, the Egyptians came to the Holy place and weighed my heart to go to heaven, the body had to weigh less than a feather. The girl remembered that all my childhood mom used to call her feathers. Now she hoped that after everything she did in life, her heart is still as easy as was represented by the mother.

General images from the cruise can be seen on the pages in Instagram have invited guests, but to understand where someone is very difficult, because 64 people in one photo is too much.

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