Katy Perry accused of racism and political treason

Кэти Перри обвинили в расизме и политической измене

American singer Katy Perry was in the midst of racial scandal. Celebrity unfortunate joke in the social network and now gets the stones in your garden.
Recently, the singer dramatically changed his style – cut and dyed her hair white.

“I some say: “I miss your black hair.” Oh, really? So maybe you and Barack Obama miss? OK. Times are changing,” said Perry in the video.
Not that the singer was prioritize new President, Donald trump, and even on the contrary – throughout the race she supported the representative of the democratic party and the main opponent of a Republican Hillary Clinton, and even took part in anti-presidential rallies soon after the announcement of election results.
However, it is politically inappropriate to consider it humor the Democrats and their electorate.
“Yes, we really miss Barack Obama, and your hair say about your love for current President Donald Trump..” — wrote to her followers.
“Comparison of black hair with Barack Obama is inappropriate and smacks of racism,” wrote another fan. Some have suggested that now, when the power in the country passed to the Republicans, Perry changed his preferences.
Recall that in 2012, Perry was also in the election campaign of Barack, and once he even said that Katie “one of my favorite (one of my favorite people”).