Katy Perry accidentally knocked out the eyes of the fan

Кэти Перри случайно подбила глаз поклоннице
The singer was embarrassed by the incident.

Katy Perry

Photo: @katyperry/Instagram

The last time Katy Perry, which this year broke up with Orlando bloom, “lucky”
unplanned incidents at concerts. Recently, during the show, she struck
injury to one of his groupies sitting in the hall. While she did this, of course,
does not intend.

Katie came to Salt Lake City to play a concert in
the framework of his tour “Witness”. And so, when Perry, dressed in an extravagant suit of blue latex has finished execution
their next song, she, as planned, decided to “discard” in the hall
one of lying on the stage of large plastic balls, hoping that
someone from the audience will catch it. However, the 33-year-old singer was a little miscalculated the strength
his shot and the ball with decent power went straight to one of the fans Perry
a girl named Jordan Hanks.

The result of failed interactions Katie
hall was the black eye of the viewer and a few scratches on her face. “I
somehow did not expect that the ball will fly right at me. I didn’t have time
to Dodge or to try to catch it… It hit me right in the face and knocked out
the phone out of my hands!” — said Jordan. Fortunately, the girl did not see
incident large drama. Getting hit in the face, she cried, and began
laugh! But Katy was clearly embarrassed by the incident.

For last month it already the second incident at concerts Perry. The first happened in Nashville, when Katie
played at the local stadium. According to the organizers of the show, Perry was
down on the scene with “planet” — of a ball mounted on the ropes. But halfway
down, planet stuck directly above
room. Katie waited silent until the technique will work again, but pause
delayed. And then Perry took a risky decision: she jumped down
to the hall. Fortunately, the audience was able to catch the singer in his arms, and the incident is not
was ended by injury