Katie Holmes refuses to make plastics

Кэти Холмс отказывается делать пластику
38-year-old actress does not want to risk their face.

38-year-old Katie Holmes, ex-wife of Tom cruise, is categorically against the intervention of plastic surgeons. Her assistants, agents and some of Hollywood bosses have repeatedly urged the actress to go under the knife. Like, if she changed her appearance, that role will increase. After all, you, the girl, soon forty! But Katie is firm in their beliefs. 40 she was only a year and a half, but it is in any case not going to risk it, because terribly afraid to disfigure his face.

According to Holmes, it’s better to just stop acting and reverse acting at the directing career (she already removed one picture) than succumb to this universal madness and agree to go to plastic surgeons. Katie is a great mother, and its no less than the unwillingness to cripple, worried about the reaction of daughter Suri. The girl is 11, she is old enough lady, and Katie is sure that will give her a bad example, if you decide on plastic.

Moreover, she clearly believes that her acting career is so sad. Why? Katie starred in several movies, including, “women’s” ocean’s eleven along with the most famous Hollywood stars like Sandra bullock. And her personal life, apparently, is in order. A little more — and she, it seems, dares to announce his affair and forthcoming marriage with actor Jamie Foxx. For several years sweet couple is hiding from the prying eyes better than a professional spy. Apparently, it has something to do with Tom cruise and commitments contained in their ex-wife agreement (and remained secret to the public), adopted after the divorce.