У Кэти Холмс новый роман
The actress has already forgot Jamie Foxx!

У Кэти Холмс новый роман

Katie Holmes with daughter Suri

Photo: Instagram.com

У Кэти Холмс новый роман

Joshua Jackson

Photo: Instagram.com

More recently, just a couple of months
ago, Katie Holmes was quite happy to meet with Jamie Fox. And Joshua
Jackson lived with his girlfriend — actress
Diane Kruger, which is actually a long time was his civil wife.
But Katie And Joshua decided to start a new life — both separated from their
partners and they have an affair! On the recent love story of two actors
told the publication “Life and Style”
one of her friends Katie.

According to friends of the couple, besides the fact that Holmes and Jackson connect tender feelings,
they have a lot in common — we both love the theatre, movies and are real experts
in fashion… incidentally, Holmes and Jackson go way back, and they are not just good
know each other — about 20 years ago
they were having an affair! At the time they both starred in the TV series “Dawson’s Creek”. They
met about two years and then they parted ways. For those flying from the
then, years Katie and Joshua met on
various events more than once. And, quite possibly, has already resumed its
novel, but each time both were busy involved in relationships with other
partners. And this summer again suddenly both were free…

A scene from “Dawson’s Creek”

Katie decided to break things off with Jamie Foxx, with whom, trying not to attract attention to their novel, met about 3 years about a month ago. The reason for their separation was, as claimed, the infidelity of Jamie. One of the tricks of the paparazzi managed to shoot as he was already flirting with an unidentified hottie and gently held her hand. And then Holmes gave the Fox series “showdown”, and one of the fights took place in public in the restaurant Kasa Moto in Los Angeles. And soon after the violent scenes witnessed were visitors of this popular institution, Cathy and Jamie broke up…

About the breakup of the Jackson and Diane Kruger, with whom he lived for 10 years, much less is known. According to the official, they broke up due to the fact that Diana wanted to live in Paris, and Joshua loved France and wanted to move to America. At the same time, the gossips claimed that the culprit was the Diana who cheated on Jackson with his on-screen partner, Norman Reedus. Anyway, now Jackson and Katie are not connected any more with any obligations and can enjoy his “revived” Roman.

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