Кэти Холмс нашла замену Тому Крузу
The actress will no longer raise a daughter alone.

Кэти Холмс нашла замену Тому Крузу

Katie Holmes


Jamie Foxx


Looks Like Katie Holmes
and Jamie Foxx is preparing to declassify your almost 4-year-old Roman. The other day
actress, sobremesa with her daughter Suri on a shopping to purchase the required
it to the beginning of the school year, went there in the company of her boyfriend
Jamie. According to witnesses, Fox kept Suri freely and friendly and
the girl answered him the same. So all this event was like going into a
shop happy family.

Paparazzi managed
shoot Jamie before the start of the shopping, when he came to pick Katie and Suri on their
“Mercedes”. Moreover, he arrived at the house of the actress in Los Angeles is not empty
hands, and one bag of sweets – probably a gift for my daughter Holmes. Incidentally, it was impossible not to notice that
Suri looked next to the Fox, who apparently is well with her and I got along
perfectly happy. It’s not surprising, because her father Tom cruise, it absolutely was abandoned — he hasn’t visited her for over four years. And Jamie,
if Katy finally decides to marry him, will make a great stepfather.

Recall that although Holmes and Fox for the first time
photographed together back in 2013, they are still not officially recognized
a novel. However, although both pervoklassnye masters of conspiracy,
paparazzi from time to time, it is possible to photograph them together. So, they “spotted” when they flew together in December of last year in Mexico
to celebrate Katy’s birthday. This spring, reporters hunted them down,
when they arranged a date at a restaurant in Los Angeles, and later in Paris, where they made two short
voyage to France…

The question now is, when Cathy and
Holmes decides to “come out of the shadows”. Quite
it is likely that this will happen very soon: in fact this summer has expired,
identified in divorce papers actress, who had the right to a public affair
5 years after the divorce. In
otherwise, she would have lost $ 5 million, which was paid to her