Katie Holmes for the first time commented on the romance with Jamie Foxx

Кэти Холмс впервые прокомментировала роман с Джейми Фоксом
The actress spoke about her love five years after the start of the relationship.

Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx

In foreign mass media appeared information about
that 39-year-old Katie Holmes and 50-year-old Jamie Fox, a novel which lasts for five
years, decided to leave. The actors are not even managed as follows
to discuss the sensational news, unexpectedly, the official representative of Katie’s way
and concisely, but acted on her behalf. Why suddenly? Leslie Sloan, as
well-known American reporters are so terse that sometimes
it seems as if she’s mute as a fish. This is especially true of all that
related to personal life Holmes.

— Information about the separation is wholly false,—
Leslie said to People magazine.

This is the first time the actress and her representatives
comment on this topic all the five years that Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx met
their relationship they kept secret. They not only talked about the feelings
to each other, but even in the light together did not appear. Moreover, actors
denied that they had an affair, and assured everyone that they’re just friends. However,
now “friends” in full swing preparing for the wedding.

Lovers has determined the time and place of the upcoming wedding.
Their wedding will take place this summer in Paris. Katie ordered a wedding dress
his old friend — an American designer Zac Posen. Now
time he works on a sketch of the outfit.

Invited guests will not exceed 30. The exact wedding date is not reported.
It is assumed that the marriage would be strictly classified and Holmes, and Fox
I hate to put my personal life on display.