Кэти Холмс впервые пришла на официальное мероприятие с бойфрендом
The actress publicly demonstrated feelings to your beloved.

Кэти Холмс впервые пришла на официальное мероприятие с бойфрендом

Katie Holmes


Jamie Foxx


Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx were in the focus of the party guests,
preceding the ceremony “Grammy” , which gathered a lot
celebrities, held in new York. Cathy and Jamie, to
recently, denies his novel is next at the same table
and he openly showed tender feelings to each other.

Fox whispered something 39-year-old Katie’s ear, and she answered him with a happy smile. In
some point he put his arm around her shoulders, and from time to time, they exchanged
adoring looks. It seemed that they did not notice anything around. And
the end of the evening, Jamie has invited his beloved to dance… Pictures from this event can be viewed on the website foxnews.com.

This evening is likely to be a turning point in the relationship Holmes and
Fox’s. After all, they for the first time in five years, his novel has dared to show that
really love each other — when a large gathering of the public. Recall:
2013 the paparazzi photographed them dancing
and cuddling at a party in the Hamptons. They were later seen some
time to catch clandestine meetings. But all the while, both categorically denied their
novel. And just this past September, the paparazzi managed to catch “sweet
couple” when they walked arm in arm at
the beach in Miami.

Allegedly, the cover-Katie was due to the fact that under the terms
contract the actress signed divorce with Tom cruise, she
did not have the right to a public affair for the last 5 years. Otherwise
case, she would have lost $ 5 million, which paid for her cruise. But this year just expired is indicated in
the contract term. So now Cathy can safely withdraw your relationship with
Fox “from the shadows”. She apparently started to do.