Katie Holmes fears for the health of the beloved

Кэти Холмс опасается за здоровье возлюбленного
The actress has undertaken to rehabilitate Jamie Foxx.

Кэти Холмс опасается за здоровье возлюбленного

Katie Holmes


Katie Holmes, which was about five years old is Dating Jamie
Fox, admitted one of her friends that she was seriously concerned about his bad habits that, as
the actress is sure will not end up badly. Although many people think that Jamie,
who likes basketball in his spare time, eats like
the athlete — that is, avoiding all fatty and not very useful food. However,
as discovered by Katie Fox — Jamie is a big fan of fast food and sweets. Since the actor has already turned 50, Katie, concerned about how it may impact
on his health.

As told to a friend of 39-year-old actress, Katie has made to Fox
promised her to eat more vegetables and fruits and avoid “junk food” as supporters
proper nutrition is called food treats Jamie. More recently, however,
she “caught” a favorite for eating a “Burger” with mayonnaise and
ketchupom! The actress was extremely disappointed at the behavior of Fox and made him
honestly, that he would no longer break the “diet”, at least in the near future
time. Because Holmes wants she and Fox lived together happily ever after.

We will remind, Roman Cathy and Jamie began in 2013. Them for the first time
saw together when they were dancing arm in arm at a party in the Hamptons. After
this video almost five years met, observing the almost perfect secrecy. The lovers are even used wigs and hats with a wide brim and was found in places where rarely
there are celebrities. But since August of last year, they “came out of hiding”
and no longer hide his affair. Katie was forced
hide his affair due to the fact that the divorce with cruise has signed
a commitment of five years to refrain from public novel. Otherwise
case, she would have lost $ 5 million, which had undertaken to pay That. But
now, when designated in the contract, the deadline passed, Kathy and Jamie started everywhere
to appear together. And, moreover, according to the gossip, thinking about how
to legalize their relationship.

Katie Holmes with actor Jamie Foxx